C/ Tonellets nº48, 46900 Torrent, Valencia
961 11 71 81



Precision production of metal parts in series.

We offer an integral production service with a large team of professionals and resources. We combine craftsmanship and technology.

We carry out all types of machining in general.

We manufacture precision parts in series by means of zamak injection and stainless-steel cold stamping, with a variety of finishes through electrolytic processes such as chrome plating of parts, gold plating, gloss and matt…

We offer you a variety of finishes and applications for your project parts.

Technical assembly.

We offer our assembly and assembly section for all small parts consisting of several components.

Quality, piece by piece.

We are aware that the quality of our parts has a direct influence on our customer’s final product.

All processes quality control.

From the beginning of the project to the end, checks are carried out on every single process.

Diversity of precision mass production parts.

We make parts for many sectors such as everything related to quality housing, automotive, packaging, agri-food, nautical…

Glass door hinges


Kitchen furniture

Bathroom screen hinges

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